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Setting Deadlines for Writing

Karen Zara, guest blogger at the Writer’s Resource Center, has a lively post on why deadlines may be almost as good as money to spur your writing. Yes, indeed, she makes a compelling argument for how deadlines can determine whether and what you write, and, of course, that (ideally) translates into making money. Click here […]
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Sustainable Writing

Morgan O’Donnell, guest blogger at the Writer’s Resource Center, offers some great ideas for making your writing environment sustainable.  She uses the classic science fiction novel–Dune–to support her insightful ideas.  My favorite:  “All good writers recycle.”  To see what I mean, read her full post by clicking here.

Writers Can Have Lives Too

Guest blogger at the Writer’s Resource Center, Cesar Torres, argues that writers can (and should) have lives.  He presents five ways to “get your life back.”  They involve the usual (but critical) “using time effectively” to intriguing suggestions of being “present with people.”  To learn more, click here to read the full post.

Let a Newbie Stimulate Your Creativity

Sebastian Keller, guest blogger at the Writer’s Resource Center, has a stimulating post on using art to inspire one’s writing.  To keep inspiration alive, we must challenge the rules of our craft, which Sebastian admits is a lot easier for a newbie to do.  He encourages writers to “develop that magical perception. Everything is meaningful, […]
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Creating Your Own Writing Retreats

Ellen Goldstein, guest blogger at the Writer’s Resource Center, has some great suggestions for how to create your own writing retreat.  Her focus is poetry writing, but her advice applies to writers of all genres.  Ellen’s suggestions range from setting a schedule to going on field trips.  She also offers links to writing that can […]
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Make the Most of Your Freelance Business With These Tips

Guest blogger Meryl K. Evans at the Writer’s Resource Center has great tips for maximizing your freelance writing business.  No matter how many websites and blogs you’ve read that offer business tips, there’s always someone with a slightly different perspective that needs to be read.  Meryl’s post needs to be read because she offers some […]
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Learn How You Can Get Paid for Blogging

Hana Kim, guest blogger at the Writer’s Resource Center, provides great advice for anyone interested in getting paid for blogging. Her advice can apply to writing in general since she touches getting used to rejection and calculating appropriate rates; however, her own experience in getting paid to blog is particularly noteworthy. Her take-home messsage: “Blog […]
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Learn to Critique and Become a Better Writer in the Process

Today at the Writer’s Resource Center, Kat Shann offers a compelling argument for why writers should learn to become good critics. Kat notes that, “Most writers love to receive critique of their work. Few are keen on giving it.” Yet, writers have a lot to gain by critiquing the work of their fellow writers. Kat […]
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Do you have what it takes to be a successful freelance writer?

Before you answer that question, read the post of guest blogger James Chartrand on the Writer’s Resource Center–“Want to be a Freelance Writer? Get Ready for Business!” James (of Men With Pens fame) describes several skills that a successful freelance writer needs–besides good writing skills: customer service; bookkeeping; marketing; and organizational skills. The crux of […]
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The Authentic Voice: Using slang and accent in your writing

Happy Monday morning and welcome to another blurb on the guest bloggers for the Writer’s Resource. Today’s guest blogger–Todd Eastman–provides some great advice for using slang and accent in fiction. Here’s a taste: “Many writers find dialogue to be one of the most difficult aspects of writing fiction. Trying to include regional accents and speech […]
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