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the language of trees.

Originally posted on I didn't have my glasses on….:
NYC Parks Are Using a Designer’s ‘Tree Font’ to Plant Secret Messages with Real Trees Inspired by the nature around her, artist Katie Holten recently developed the New York City…

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Living in the Moment: Frida Kahlo and Life #MondayBlogs #FridaKahlo

Some time ago my husband and I went south to visit my 93-year-old mother who is spending the winter with my 72-year-old sister. I note their ages because in their presence I often feel like a 12-year-old, not the 59-year-old … Continue reading

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You’re Now a Raging Success

Originally posted on The Paperbook Blog:
I don’t even know how to begin this post… The last time I typed words into this blog was one day before my birthday, all the way back in April. Two days later, I…

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Gifts of the Spirit Boat

When we were out West not too long ago (although now it seems like a dream), one of our closest friends gave us a gift.  Our friend is Jennifer Ewing, an artist in mixed media as well as the fine … Continue reading

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Reblog: Issue Seven, an Apology and a Thank You.

Issue Seven, an Apology and a Thank You.. OK, this is not a proper reblog but I have to share the news that Issue 7 of the Paperbook Collective is OUT and available for your reading pleasure.  It includes writing … Continue reading

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Blogger Spotlight: Pamela, Poetry and Thanksgiving

This is my first post of the New Year and also my 500th post.  To celebrate, I want to throw the spotlight on a blogger who is finding her poetic voice:  Pamela. Pamela actually has two blogs:  Year ‘Round Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Diversion

Whether you are a visual artist or a visual artist wannabe or just someone who enjoys “filling space in a beautiful way,” journey over to this Silk – Interactive Generative Art (http://weavesilk.com/).  Credit goes to Yuri Vishnevsky for Silk and … Continue reading

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New Header for the Community Storyboard!

Check out the new header for The Community Storyboard where our rowdy band of editors have been immortalized as superheroes by the very talented Dean at Dean’z Doodlez!

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Office space and wall art

Recently I moved from a small cubicle to a corner office with enough wall space for a mini-art gallery.  Since I’m prohibited from painting the walls anything other than the dullest off-white, I found a supplier of removable vinyl wall … Continue reading

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