Reblog: Issue Seven, an Apology and a Thank You.

Issue Seven, an Apology and a Thank You..

OK, this is not a proper reblog but I have to share the news that Issue 7 of the Paperbook Collective is OUT and available for your reading pleasure.  It includes writing by yours truly (big smile) and the very talented John W. Howell (bigger smile).  Click your way to the issue via the link in this post and READ!

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11 Responses to Reblog: Issue Seven, an Apology and a Thank You.

  1. I am so glad we share the space. Well done Marie. I’m going there to read it now.


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  3. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    Hi Marie,
    I know absolutely nothing about knitting other than what I’ve learned from reading you — but then, this isn’t really about knitting. I absolutely loved the metaphor — the inelegance of loneliness — and trying to learn a new way of living and doing things after so long doing them the same way.
    That thought — how there’s just no way to make loneliness elegant — will likely stick with me along time.



  4. My comment is not as elegant as Helena’s, (nor am I) but I loved your story. The feeling of missing someone which comes alive when she no longer needs to knit fast was very well done. I liked the dark place where he might have sat and the reference of her coming to pieces. Nice.


  5. What a wonderful blog. Writers helping writers! Will wonders never cease? Great work.


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