Another Monday #MondayBlogs #JoanObsorne

My friend and fellow blogger John Howell likes to commemorate Fridays.  For some (insane) reason, I’m hung up on Mondays … beginning of my work week, beginning of the race to the weekend, beginning of my hopes that I’ll end the week with both my mind and body intact (and usually it’s just one or the other … you guess which).

And lately … I’ve been on a Joan Osborne kick. I have a couple of her CDs but since the local radio stations play the same crap music over and over and Borders exists no longer so the one store in town where I could sip a coffee and browse through the music section is gone … I’ve gone unaware of just how much Joan has produced.  The following clip from YouTube is a twofer:

And if you want something that will get your hips shaking …

Comments are closed as I’ll be too busy hip shaking my way through the work week 🙂

You’ve Got A Friend #CaroleKing #ShaniaTwain #CelineDion #GloriaEstefan

A classmate in my online course, Literature and Mental Health (FutureLearn) shared this YouTube video with me. I love, love, love Carole King and love, love, love this song.  Just have to share it with all my friends.

Musical Monday #MondayBlogs #WillieNelson

I know I must be having a great time on my trip.  I’m looking forward to telling you all about it when I return.  In the meantime, here’s one my favorites.  And it’s particularly appropriate for this particular trip.

Comments are closed until I return 🙂

Musical Monday #MondayBlogs #willyoumissmewhenimgone

Hello, dear Reader, I am now officially on hiatus.  I know I will miss you.  Will you miss me?

Yes, that’s a trick question and a good reason for comments to be closed 🙂


Turn your volume up loud …


Soul Asylum – Runaway Train [MTV Unplugged]

At the risk of depressing everyone around me … this song won’t leave my head.  It takes me back to my teens when almost all I ever thought about was running away.  Problem was that I lived in the country, and running away would likely result in my dying of exposure in the woods or an open field.  When I was very little, I did run away … to my neighbor’s house.  I think my mother found it amusing in a way (like, “really, Marie, how can I take you seriously when you just crossed the yard, but then you’re only six”).

But this time of year, I tend to reflect on my place in the world and the fact that, even as an adult approaching her “golden years,” sometimes I still want to run away.  I do often wonder “how did I get so jaded.”

Five Reasons Everyone Should Know George Meredith

Five fun facts about George Meredith at Interesting Literature!

Interesting Literature

One of the things we like to do at Interesting Literature is find authors who aren’t as celebrated as they perhaps should be, and find some reasons why they should be better known, if not more widely read. A perfect case in point is George Meredith (1828-1909), the Victorian poet and novelist.

Although he was popular in his own lifetime, his achievements have been overlooked: as a poet he is overshadowed by Tennyson and Browning, and as a novelist he has been half-forgotten, while George Eliot, Anthony Trollope, and many of his other contemporaries are still widely read. We’ve sought out five things everyone should know about this writer, who was once a famous name in literature but is now, sadly, not so celebrated a figure.

1. He inspired Britain’s favourite piece of music. In 2011, the famous piece of classical music called ‘The Lark Ascending’ topped a British poll…

View original post 440 more words

A Beautiful Diversion

Whether you are a visual artist or a visual artist wannabe or just someone who enjoys “filling space in a beautiful way,” journey over to this Silk – Interactive Generative Art (  Credit goes to Yuri Vishnevsky for Silk and Mat Jarvis for the accompanying music.   The art you created is licensed under Creative Commons.  Click this link for a glimpse of my artistic prowess:

So far I have not been able to save my images to my desktop (all I get from saving is a blank document), but hopefully Mr. Vishnevsky will  help me sort that out.  In the meantime, what are your favorite diversions?

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