You’ve Got A Friend #CaroleKing #ShaniaTwain #CelineDion #GloriaEstefan

A classmate in my online course, Literature and Mental Health (FutureLearn) shared this YouTube video with me. I love, love, love Carole King and love, love, love this song.  Just have to share it with all my friends.

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11 Responses to You’ve Got A Friend #CaroleKing #ShaniaTwain #CelineDion #GloriaEstefan

  1. I loved this, Marie! Thanks so much for sharing!

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  2. Love this! And thank you, thank you, thank you for posting. I had that dumb “Uptown Funk” song in my head ALL morning. Finally I can replace it with something decent.

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  3. Thank you Marie. Nice treat.

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  4. L. Marie says:

    That was awesome, Marie! Carole King wrote sooo many great songs! Loved that!

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