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Reblog: Hope

I can think of no one who inspires me more to embrace life, to find joy when I’m at my lowest, to know that when I can’t change the circumstance, I can still change my perspective. Through her example, she … Continue reading

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Magnolia Flowers for Belinda

Just because it’s been awhile since I’ve posted any photos for my friend Belinda at http://www.busymindthinking.com.  The blossoms are now gone, but this  post helps me relive their beauty, a beauty that reminds me of Belinda.

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A day in the life – when you are trapped in your body

Nothing I can say will ever match what Belinda says in this post on http://www.busymindthinking.com. So just read.

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For Belinda: Scenes From a Walk

For Belinda at http://www.busymindthinking.com.  Some time ago she asked her followers to post pictures of where they live.  Yesterday I finally remembered to take my phone with me when I took a break from work and went for a walk.  … Continue reading

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Thinking of Belinda

I saw this rainbow today and thought of Belinda … For http://www.busymindthinking.com. Now that I think of it … Here’s another photo she might enjoy: the evening sky from a nearby parking lot.

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Positive by choice

Belinda’s thoughts about being positive brought tears to my eyes. When I think of all she is going through and yet she has the will and capacity to remain positive. I am humbled by her example. For those of you … Continue reading

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The Seed of Light Award

Many thanks to Jade Reyner for the lovely The Seed of Light Award.  I feel very honored to receive this from Jade, and am happy to pass it on to other bloggers who have inspired me. To the others that … Continue reading

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