A Room of His Own: A True Story of One Cat

Read the true story of living with a cat who never met a surface he didn’t want to spray.

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I knew before I entered the animal shelter that I would name our new cat Joshua, a cat I had not yet picked out.  As I scanned the cages of sleeping felines, the sound of one howling cat drew me down the corridor.  Everyone was asleep except for him.  His big yellow eyes begged for my attention.  His dark gray coat hung on his skinny frame, but his goatee and paws were a brilliant white.  So I stopped.  He reached out with his right paw and patted my face.

The next day I picked up Joshua from a nearby veterinarian after he had been neutered.  Oh, yes, I had naively adopted an unaltered adult male stray.  Thus we started on the roller-coaster of adaptation.

The first night I brought him home, he howled all night long.  Piercing howls that moved me to tears – especially when he kept running away…

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