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On Not Having Children: Childless, Child-Free or Freak? #MondayBlogs #childless

I am the youngest of my siblings: a brother 3 years older than me, and two sisters, 11 and 13 years older.  I didn’t grow up with babies.  While I’m sure I had the standard baby dolls when I was … Continue reading

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A Call for Submissions: Reblogged from The HeSo Project

Originally posted on The HeSo Project:
I’d love to read your mini memoirs, and I’m sure my readers would too! If you would like to be a part of the Mini Memoir Monday series, please submit a memoir that’s 500-1500…

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Why I Hate Facebook, But Love My Facebook Page

A couple of months ago, I created a Facebook Page.  You can find it here or click Like on the widget in the right-hand column (gotcha!).  Initially, I was hesitant to start a Facebook Page because I have strong but … Continue reading

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A Room of His Own: A True Story of One Cat

Originally posted on The Community Storyboard:
I knew before I entered the animal shelter that I would name our new cat Joshua, a cat I had not yet picked out.  As I scanned the cages of sleeping felines, the sound…

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Our First Post!

Originally posted on The Community Storyboard:
Hey everyone! Welcome to the Community Story Board! This is our first post ever:) It is my honest hope that we can make this a fun place for everyone to share their ideas and…

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From Interesting Literature: Guest Blog: Why Read Dickens?

This quote sums it up: “We need to read Dickens’s novels,” she wrote, “because they tell us, in the grandest way possible, why we are what we are.” via Guest Blog: Why Read Dickens?.

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All About That English Major Life

Originally posted on Life Measured in Coffee Spoons:
As graduation season rolls around once again, the ratio of meaningful life reflections to “It’s Gonna Be May” Justin Timberlake memes scattered throughout my Newsfeed peeks at an astonishing 5:1.  These personal…

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Ambushed by the Dead Sea (Secrets)

I just wanted to get some fresh air.  I had been indoors, attending training and conference sessions, for almost five days straight.  It was early December, in Atlanta, and dark after 5 pm.  I just wanted some fresh air, but … Continue reading

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On the fence with Christopher Hitchens

Seems like one either loves or one hates Christopher Hitchens (  I was in either camp at different points in Hitchens’s life.  My antipathy toward Hitchens had started with his relentless attacks on Clinton during Clinton’s presidency and while Hitchens … Continue reading

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