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And Finally the Sun has Dawned over the Horizon (otherwise known as the official release of my novel)

Olivia Stocum’s new novel Dawning has been officially released! For the cost of a mini skinny vanilla latte, purchase your copy at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DYSM6DO or go to Ms. Stocum for more info and THEN to go Amazon 🙂

Behold: The first Yesterday Road T-shirt winner!

Here’s me as a model! (Don’t worry. I’ll keep my day job.) Love the T-shirt and being a winner 🙂

Guest Blog: Do’s and Dont’s of Indie Authoring by Ionia Martin

Great (and funny) list of do’s and dont’s by Ionia Martin!

The Countdown Begins — How You Can Help

A great opportunity to help a fellow writer and a chance to get something in return (beyond the obvious satisfaction of helping a fellow writer). Please visit her blog for more info!

Promoting Your Book

I think I’ve found someone’s online dream job at Pump Up Your Book Promotion (www.pumpupyourbookpromotion.com). Dorothy Thompson is the CEO and founder of this online PR firm. She offers several promotional packages for authors looking to hawk their books, which include: “virtual book tours” on 15-20 blogs; press releases; one-on-one contact to ensure that your […]
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