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An American Tradition Is A New Literary Market

The Saturday Evening Post has “revamped” and is looking for new fiction.  With the dwindling newspaper and magazine market, this is a bold effort by the Post.  Hopefully, readers will be rewarded by good, fresh writing.  Click here for the Post’s submission guidelines.  My thanks to fellow blogger, Georganna Hancock of A Writer’s Edge, for […]
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Make the Most of Your Freelance Business With These Tips

Guest blogger Meryl K. Evans at the Writer’s Resource Center has great tips for maximizing your freelance writing business.  No matter how many websites and blogs you’ve read that offer business tips, there’s always someone with a slightly different perspective that needs to be read.  Meryl’s post needs to be read because she offers some […]
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Do you have what it takes to be a successful freelance writer?

Before you answer that question, read the post of guest blogger James Chartrand on the Writer’s Resource Center–“Want to be a Freelance Writer? Get Ready for Business!” James (of Men With Pens fame) describes several skills that a successful freelance writer needs–besides good writing skills: customer service; bookkeeping; marketing; and organizational skills. The crux of […]
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