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Just to Make It Official

RCC Update for July

Is it August yet? OMG, it’s August! Yes, I’ve been lolling in the luxury of not having to meet a WORD COUNT for the past few days. Methinks it’s getting harder, not easier, to cough up 50K words, even if a third of those wind up on my blog or someone else’s blog 🙂 NaNoWriMo […]
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D Meets Yet Another Guest Blogger

My attempt to fill Katie’s shoes while she’s on hiatus from blogging 🙂

RCC Update–interim–July 2013

I am disappointed that roughly two weeks have gone by since my last update, when I had intended to make weekly updates.  Oh … d**n … I just blew Goal #1 … again 🙁 My Goals (1) Get off my own back.  Yadda yadda.  They’ll find a cure for the common cold before they find […]
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July Camp NaNoWriMo

Hello, my fellow bloggers and blogettes! As many of you know, I am again throwing caution to the wind and entering another Camp NaNoWriMo writing challenge! I did one in April and was successful. That is, I reached my goal of 50 thousand words and actually had a beginning, middle, and end to the novel […]
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RCC Update–June 2013

A couple of weeks ago I became a member of the Rome Construction Crew, a wonderful group of supportive bloggers and writers.  I really want to use my membership as a way to advance my writing by setting attainable goals.  Emphasis on the word attainable.  Some of you may already be aware that I have […]
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A New Member of the Rome Construction Crew

Recently (okay, yesterday) I became a member of the Rome Construction Crew, and I am pretty excited about it. The crew are a wonderful group of people who I have been “following” (not stalking, following) since I rebooted my blog. From reading their posts on their goals, I could ascertain that nobody was putting the […]
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8 Things You Need To Know About Character Arcs

This is a wonderful post for all of you currently writing fiction and needing advice/suggestions about character arcs. As I was reading Debbie’s post, I realized that I provided different arcs for different characters in my last two NaNoWriMo novels. That’s a good thing, but I hadn’t put much thought into why I was doing […]
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The Great Big Blue

It’s been a week since I submitted my final word count to Camp NaNoWriMo and my brain still feels as empty as this great expanse of sky. I’ve written little since: mostly comments, an attempt at poetry during a downturn in my mood, and the ubiquitous note-keeping I do at my day job. I had […]
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Camp Award

Had to wait until the end of my work day, but am so happy to be posting my award!