Happy Post-4th of July, 2013

So as I continue to procrastinate this morning–going through my blog reader, making comments on some of my favorite blogs–I see that a number of bloggers had the good sense to post on the 4th of July.  Obviously, they were aware that this is a holiday many people spend celebrating.  How did I spend 4th of July?  As I usually do, holed up in my room, working on my computer.  Virtually, I was away at Camp NaNoWriMo, taking advantage of the day-job-free day to get a big jump on my word count.  Other years, I spent at home since my husband and I tend to avoid large unruly crowds.  We prefer to enjoy fireworks from a great distance. One year, on a business trip to Washington, DC, we got to see fireworks from our hotel window.  We had thought about going to the Mall but when we saw the crowd, I knew that I would have missed the fireworks due to debilitating panic attacks.

When I was a little girl living in the country, I loved 4th of July because we would have a picnic in our backyard and at night I could run around with sparklers.  As I got older and lived in urban and suburban landscapes, being around strangers with all manner of fireworks just made me nervous.  My husband is the same way, so we spend every 4th of July at home, patiently waiting for the fireworks that our neighbors illegally set off to end.  We may grill a steak and and sit on our backporch and try to talk over the crash, boom, and bang, but that’s pretty much the extent of our celebration.  Except for last year.  Last 4th of July we were in San Francisco, CA, and a couple of friends invited us to a small party in a house on Potrero Hill.  The plan was to go up on the roof and watch the fireworks over the city.  If you ever have been in San Francisco in July, then you won’t be surprised to know that we were fairly bundled up.  Some guests even had the foresight to bring their down jackets.  I had a blanket wrapped around me.  Still, a great time was had by all.  I took movies of the fireworks with my Flip recorder, but they are rather underwhelming.  There was fog and very heavy cloud cover so the fireworks had a limited range for viewing.  I clipped snapshots of a couple of the highlights.

Despite the cold and the clouds, this was my best 4th of July ever:  in a city I love, with friends I love, with the man I love.

View from Potrero Hill, San Franciso, CA, July 4, 2012

View from Potrero Hill, San Franciso, CA, July 4, 2012
View from Potrero Hill, San Franciso, CA, July 4, 2012


  1. Such nice memories of your childhood. I grew up in the D.C. area and you’re right about the crowds at the Mall during the 4th of July…crazy!


    • When I think back to those times as a kid, I can almost smell the sparklers and feel them prickle my skin. I’m sure one reason why i don’t like crowded spaces is because I grew up around farmland. Talk about having acres of personal space 😉


  2. I’m the same way. It is a low key night, except when my kids were growing up. I just worked on my memoir all night then did my sunrise beach visit.
    See ya in camp :>)


  3. You and your hubby sound just like us! Crowds? Ick. The small, reliable pleasures of home? Bingo! We spent the evening soothing the tattered nerves of a neurotic dog… Good luck with your camp activities, btw.


    • One of our cats–Junior–gets very scared when there’s loud noises. We spend time trying to reassure him as well.


  4. I lived in the Bay area for ten years. We used to go to the Marin headlands and watch the works. Usually fog but always beautiful.


    • I can imagine that. Although my pictures don’t do the fireworks justice, it was still a great show.


  5. i was in bed trying to console a nervous dog:) it was okay – i am not one for crowds, bugs and cigarette smoke;)


  6. Mrs araneus1 loves fireworks!
    I blew a lot of s*it up when I was a boy so I can take them or leave them.



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