Short story: Together Forever: Part 1 of 2

If you like your stories on the spooky side, then please read Part 1 of my two-part short story, Together Forever, at The Community Storyboard!

The Community Storyboard

This short story is broken into two parts to make it more readable on the blog. Part 2 will follow the day after Part 1.

I thought the blond, green-eyed waif looked too delicate to be interested in the Kindfellow Manor. The estate was an albatross, having been fallow for at least a generation. It was the last house I needed to sell before I could quit Destiny Realtors. I was ready to be rid of it, but still, I was annoyed to be here, on probably the coldest day of winter, an overcast day that made the house seem gloomier than usual, a poor day for selling albatrosses. But Miss Smith had insisted when she called to arrange for the tour.

“I have a rare medical condition, Ms. Brooks, a genetic sensitivity to the sun. The best time for me to come out is at night.”

Oh, lady, wrap…

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