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.99 Cent eBooks for the Month of July!!

For July only, 99-cent ebooks by C.N. Faust!

Day 5……the week is coming to an end soon; .99 cents anyone?

Hurry! Day 5 of the week long sale. Get Rise of a Queen, Book One of The Vampire Realm Series for .99 cents.

The Heretic Priest early release celebration sale!

Quick! Take advantage of these book sales by the ever lovely C.N. Faust!

Short story: Together Forever: Part 1 of 2

If you like your stories on the spooky side, then please read Part 1 of my two-part short story, Together Forever, at The Community Storyboard!


I’m sure by now that you’ve all heard the story of the “wovel” on NPR.  (If not, you can read about it here.)  The wovel is a web novel, a deceptively simple idea of serializing a novel on the web.  This one has a twist that will surely create a horde of wovelites–at the end […]
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