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Tiddlywinks ~ an essay by Krista McCarthy

I’m reblogging this essay from The Disappointed Housewife not only because I want to promote The Disappointed Housewife, but also because this essay by Krista McCarthy is spot-on when it comes to social media. I am not quitting social media, but McCarthy’s essay captures the tension I have with social media … especially Facebook. Sorry, […]
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To Be Continued …

Hello, dear Reader, and you may wonder what the heck the title of my post can possibly mean.  Well, I have a confession explanation.  I don’t have a post to post today.  I’ve spent the weekend working on a course that I’m taking with my friend and fellow blogger, Luanne.  It’s an online creative nonfiction […]
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HELP WANTED! Guest Bloggers with stories about Good People Doing Great Things

HELP WANTED! Guest Bloggers with stories about Good People Doing Great Things. I know there are some excellent writers out there looking for opportunities to share their thoughts and insights and their research.  Here’s a blog on compassion, on “good people doing great things.”  It’s a fairly new blog that is designed to spread good […]
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A Random Act of Kindness – Guest Post by Marie Ann Bailey

A Random Act of Kindness – Guest Post by Marie Ann Bailey. This is a guest post from me on Good People Doing Great Things, a wonderful blog focused on compassion.  I’ve disabled comments here to urge you to leave your comments at the original source.  Please click on the link above.  I hope you […]
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Creative writing is like a box of chocolates: how to “git” what you want from that box

Victoria is a writer after my own heart. She captures my feelings about writing so well: “Maybe the discoveries, the uncertainties, and the twists and turns involved in writing a novel help us deal with the uncertainties of life.” She teaches me about writing through her blog, making me think hard and productively about why […]
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On the fence with Christopher Hitchens

Seems like one either loves or one hates Christopher Hitchens (http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/2013/02/25/richard-seymour-s-tawdry-christopher-hitchens-bio.html).  I was in either camp at different points in Hitchens’s life.  My antipathy toward Hitchens had started with his relentless attacks on Clinton during Clinton’s presidency and while Hitchens was writing for The Nation.  At first, I was mostly disenchanted, throwing off Hitchens as […]
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Balancing the Personal with the Professional in Writing

Today’s guest blogger at the Writer’s Resource Center, Tom Johnson, offers a provocative post on balancing personal with professional content in nonfiction writing. On one extreme, there is “oversharing,” such as that exemplified by bloggers such as Emily Gould. On the other extreme, there are those dry texts that appear to have been dictated by […]
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Secrets to Successful Essay Writing

Check out guest blogger Jeanne Dininni’s post on essay writing over at the Writer’s Resource Center. Her advice should be followed by writers and teachers of writing. Her first two secrets are: “Devise a Plan of Attack,” and “Dig Up Some Background.” Click here to read more.