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Party Time: The Community Storyboard Is Back!

The Community Storyboard is back and ready for submissions!  Read the guidelines below or click here. ***************************************************************************************************** We’re back!!! After careful consideration and discussions with a panel of experts (we hear voices), we are implementing some not so drastic changes.  … Continue reading

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RCC Update: 1WriteWay for … the last few months :)

From the Rome Construction Crew website, here’s a long-overdue update on goals I had set way back when: Is it November yet? OMG, it’s almost November! Yes, I’ve been lolling in the luxury of not having to meet a WORD … Continue reading

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The Community Storyboard’s Featured Post

My (long) short story in response to the Community Storyboard’s September 8 Writing Prompt has been awarded a “Featured Post” badge!  And I am sharing this distinction with my pal and partner in blogging, John W. Howell at Fiction Favorites.  … Continue reading

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Squirrels: This Time It’s Personal (Part 11)

Continued from Squirrels:  This Time It’s Personal (Part 10), a chain story event started at The Community Storyboard. *** Darlene’s head felt like someone had dropped a safe on it. She didn’t want to open her eyes, afraid of the … Continue reading

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Prompt for the Week of September 8, 2013 – Friday the 13th Horror!

Originally posted on The Community Storyboard:
Friday the 13th did not even have a completed script when Sean S. Cunningham took out this advertisement in Variety magazine (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The prompt for this week is HORROR!   Write a horror…

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Calling All Artists! Calling All Artists!

Here you go! Submit, all ye striving writers and artists!

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Short Story: Rachel Comes of Age

Originally posted on The Community Storyboard:
Rachel pleaded with David, pressing her cell phone closer.  “David, please, can’t we talk about it?”  She lay on her side, hugging her pillow to her stomach. He had just told her about his…

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