“Twilight’s Indian Princess” – a new story

A new story by Margaret Langstaff, available at Amazon! Click on the link to get details.

Margaret Langstaff

Now Available for Kindle on Amazon.com Now Available for Kindle on Amazon.com

Sarah Sloan McCorkle of Piney Point, TN is a smart, hard-working schoolteacher, a good wife and great mother, who “married down”—according to her Southern aristocrat mother. Way down.

One day she finds herself at the end of her rope, exhausted, kaput, from the strenuous effort required to stay the course, do the right thing and juggle all of her onerous work duties and mothering responsibilities and cope with her constant marital aggravations.

Fearing the “jig was up,” that she just can’t take any more of the galloping 18-hour days, she lays a cunning plan to take some stolen time off, time to kick back and reflect.

She scours the calendar. “Yes, right there, in the middle of July. Perfect!”

“Twilight’s Indian Princess” is an amusing, sweet story about an over-burdened woman “too smart for her own good.”

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