We’re gonna need a bigger VOTE!

Now here’s a chance to vote where it may actually count!



I learned last night that Yesterday Road is one of the twelve finalists in the literary category of Indie Author Land’s contest: The 50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading (2013/14). Now it’s time to vote for the winner in each category.

I need lots of help here, kids. There are a couple of formidable titles on the literary list, books that received many more nominations than mine did, but I think we can make a good showing if we each get just about everyone we know to vote. See, you get five votes in each category, and, diabolical fiend that I am, I’m assuming the counter sees each computer it tags with a cookie as a different person. So vote from home. Vote from work. Vote from your phone. Vote from your mom’s computer. We want an army of voters to put Yesterday Road over the top!

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  1. Oh yes, you ARE the greatest!


  2. Yes, she is the greatest! You are officially renamed “The Town Crier.” Thanks, Marie!


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