From the Eyes of a Little One

Submit to The Community Storyboard … and by that I mean write something 🙂 This month’s theme is “From the Eyes of a Little One.” Go to CSB for more info and Happy Writing!

The Community Storyboard

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Another welcome back to all the CSBers . . . I didn’t realize we let so many crickets join this blog.

Now, it was mentioned that we’d be doing some themes every month.  Two themes every month for those that want to participate, but can’t think of anything to write.  This is entirely optional and we’re hoping to jump start submissions and postings to recover from the long break.

The theme is more simplistic than it looks:

Write a poem or story

from the perspective of something or someone small

This can include children, pets, Charles, Ionia, toys, and anything else you can think of

So, have some fun and lets get the CSB back up and running!

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