Thank You Marie!

I don’t (often) promote myself, but this post by Helena, my favorite dilettante, this glorious tribute to moi, is something I just have to share. It isn’t just her words. Writing is hard enough work, but putting together a biographical post, with links to some of the subject’s writings, is much harder. I know because I’ve done it. To have someone write such a post about me bring tears to my eyes, makes my heart ache a little, and inspires me to print the post when I get home and FRAME IT! Thank you, dear Helena. From one of your darlings πŸ˜‰

dilettante factory

Thank you, Marie Ann Bailey!

Marie unhesitatingly agreed to help promote Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One yesterday, making herself available to help any way she could, and I’m truly grateful.

Marie is another person who found me and showered me with encouragement, which I completely took for granted until one day I thought that I should probably reach out to this anonymous person and say thank you.

I’m ever so glad I did, because I discovered a lovely, funny, warm and generous person who gives so much of her time to the writing that she loves β€” which these days is mostly the writing of others, for whom she shares her appreciation by writing reviews, giving feedback, and reading. Most of all, reading. You should all be so lucky to have a Marie Ann Bailey on your list of people who read your stuff.

When she finds the time…

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  1. “You should all be so lucky to have a Marie Ann Bailey on your list of people who read your stuff.” I totally agree! Marie, you are a wonderful advocate of writers and their supporters, and we are all so lucky to know you!


  2. Helena speaks the truth, Marie…you’re the best!


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