Happy Read Tuesday to You (for Huge Dec. 10 Book Sale)

Just read.



Happy Read Tuesday to you,

Amazing book discounts to you,

Wonderful reading to you,

Happy December tenth to you.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 marks the debut of Read Tuesday, a Black Friday type of sales event just for book lovers.

Find hundreds of books at amazing prices:

  • There are deep discounts on most e-books, up to 90% (and a handful that are free).
  • Most of the e-books are available on Kindle, but we also have participation on other e-readers.
  • If you prefer paperback, check out the CreateSpace discount codes for up to 50% savings.

We have a good mix of books and authors:

  • Many of the books have 50 to 500 reviews, but we also have several gems waiting to be discovered.
  • We have popular indie authors, new authors, and even representation from published authors.
  • A few small publishers are participating, too.

Here is a very brief sample of participating…

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2 Responses to Happy Read Tuesday to You (for Huge Dec. 10 Book Sale)

  1. Exactly what I want for Christmas…MORE BOOKS! 🙂


  2. Katie Cross says:

    Ugh! I’m sad I just found it and missed the deals. Some of them are still only 0.99 though! Thanks Marie.


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