Spider Webs and Pearls: Response to Nov. 17 Writing Prompt

My contribution to this week’s writing prompt at CSB. Just goes to show that one of the benefits of participating in NaNoWriMo is all the material I’m accumulating for blog writing 🙂

The Community Storyboard

Here’s my “contribution” to this week’s writing prompt:  A snippet from my work in progress.


What she loved most about camping was waking up in the early morning hours, when there was still dew on everything.  She would wander about the campsite while Derrick would make the coffee.  He did all the work when they camped, all the cooking, cleaning, packing.  She just had to be there.  That’s all he ever wanted and that was easy enough for her to give.

The first time they took off together, they weren’t even married yet, but she had finally turned 18 and he had finally given in to her.  They were planning to marry, probably just a justice of the peace ceremony since her parents were not thrilled by her decision to marry Derrick and eschew college.  “For what?,” they kept asking her.  “To stay home and make babies?  You’re…

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