…Eureka!… the delusions of adequacy may not be so delusional after all…#TBSU…

Seumas gets some unexpected but well-deserved recognition as “that author fella”. Albeit from a young man in an elevator, but his story gave a boost to my morning just to hear his pleasure in the acknowledgment. And also #TBSU 😉



Seumas Gallacher

…they say there are three stages in the Life of Man… childhood,adulthood, andmy WURD, ye are looking well… some even aver that the grand old age of 60 is ‘the new 40’… shuffle it as I may, there’s no escaping the evidence on the passport… this ol’ Jurassic’s early years encompassed the miracle of music that was the BEATLES and all the trillion beat groups that sprung up on the back of their phenomenal success (we didn’t call them ‘bands’ back then)… I was a teenager when the moment struck, known as ‘where were you when JFK, etc’... soccer player transfers and baseball team salaries didn’t cost the price of the Gross National Product of medium-sized countries… and ye had to move off yer seat to change a television channel… so, I’ve been around a wee while now… in a varied career in…

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  1. That was splendid! I’ve been watching Seumas on Twitter, but I had no idea how hilarious he is. Thanks!


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