The Seed – Now Available on Amazon Kindle!!!!!!

Now available as an ebook on Kindle! Get your copy NOW!


The Seed2

In yet more The Seed related news, I’m thrilled to announce that it is now available on Amazon Kindle at:

This is very exciting as uploading it there and getting it right was a bit scary for a newbie at this self-publishing business like me, so I’m delighted to find it was relatively easy to do and is now a finished product available in the Kindle store.

This is especially because Kindle was the beginning of this whole self publishing  journey for me in so many ways.  It was seeing the Amazon Self Publish Guide on my tablet that inspired me to bring the draft of the novel out from the virtual darkness of old computer discs and revise for this millennium (yes, the first draft was actually written last millennium!!).

So now having it on Kindle is like a major part of the journey achieved, and a major…

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  1. Thanks so much for this, so appreciated!! 🙂 🙂


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