Sneak Peek: Luke and Nyx

Enjoy this sneak peak from Charles Yallowitz, author of the series, Legends of Windemere!

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Asked a friend who read Legends of Windemere: Prodigy of Rainbow Tower, which scene I should post here and on my blog for a sneak peek.  She chose the debut of Nyx because it really captures her.  Also, it’s a great scene to get people interested in the upcoming debut.  Enjoy.

“We’re already here. I’m just going to knock,” Luke says, easily freeing his arm.

“You don’t knock on a caster tower,” Fritz hisses in a hushed voice. “That’s like shooting spitballs at a werewolf. The results tend to be fatal.”

“Calm down. It’s a simple knock,” Luke whispers with a friendly smile.

Fritz cringes as Luke lifts his fist to deliver the ominous knock. It never connects as Luke suddenly grabs Fritz by the shirt and leaps away from the tower. The gnome can feel a surge of intense heat narrowly miss them. Luke lands in a crouch…

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