My Top Facebook Tips for Authors

Some important tips for those of us struggling with Facebook Pages from Victoria Grefer.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

As promised, after the success of My Top Ten Twitter Tips: Marketing for Writers, which a lot of people said they found helpful (I was so glad to hear that from y’all!), here is a post about using Facebook for promotion. For examples of a Facebook author page, you can check out my author fan page at and the fan page for my first published novel, The Crimson League, at

  1. CREATE A FAN PAGE AND PROMOTE IT ON ALL YOUR OTHER MEDIA OUTLETS. Author 101: Link it with your blog, your website. Tweet it. If you belong to the Independent Author Network, make sure it’s there. Everywhere you have an online presence, include it.
  2. CREATE ONLY ONE PAGE. I have two, as I said above: one for my first novel and one promoting me. It’s too much. It’s too much of a hassle to keep one…

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  1. Thanks for this – very useful!


    • 1WriteWay says:

      You’re welcome! If you don’t already subscribe to Victoria’s blog, please consider doing so. She provides a lot of helpful info for authors and bloggers.


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