I’m still here

Sweetly sad love poem at The Community Storyboard.

The Community Storyboard


I drape my arm over you
Your body tenses
Shunning me
Willing me
To stay

It stings
I’m torn
I want to run
I want to turn away
To protect myself

But I need you
As much as you need me
I just find it easier
To tell you
To let you in
My heart
My mind
My pain

I wish you could do the same
To stop pushing
To let me in
To trust me
I won’t hurt you

So instead I breathe
I stay there
I lay there
Kissing the smooth skin of your back
As much for me as for you

To soothe myself
To make it better
To stop your hurting
My way of letting you know
I’m still here
I’m not going anywhere
Not yet


Comfortably Numb


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