The Spark You Can’t Explain

“Love or lust … Maybe a bit of both” at The Community Storyboard.

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I posted this on my blog, but the love theme of the week has me wanting to put it here too.  I’m working on a difficult scene where the love triangle of my book series takes the forefront.  It’s the first time one member of the triangle gets to discuss the situation.  Distance and a culture of open dating before marriage factors into this.  Anyway, this poem came to mind and I thought I’d share:


An inner heat
Growing from your chest
Catching your breath
At their merest scent
Phantom touches
And whispers in the dark
The spark has you in its grasp

Love or lust
You can’t decide
Maybe a bit of both
A kiss you steal
But you want more
Yet you somehow live without
The spark will keep you going

Called upon your feelings
You stutter and trip
Words flowing
Like a dripping faucet
Making you…

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2 Responses to The Spark You Can’t Explain

  1. words4jp says:

    I think this is perfect. A perfect explanation of that feeling – when someone finds themselves really ‘liking’ someone – for the first time.


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