What Edna Did For Love

Not your average love letter at The Community Storyboard.

The Community Storyboard

This is an chapter excerpt from my second novel, The Widow’s Club: Part 2 (yes, I know the title is lame but it’s a working title).  The excerpt involves a letter about love gone bad, very bad.


He spread the black and white photographs on the table.  There were only five:  in four of them, Edna was in the foreground, he lurking behind her, just another one of the employees at the party or cookout or beach, wherever the picture happened to be taken.  He remembered each of the events and how hard he tried to be close to her but not too close.  He remembered her picture being taken, but was surprised to see himself in them.  His heart became heavy when he looked at the fifth photograph.  They were on the beach, a couple of children were in Edna’s lap and he was standing over them, looking…

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  1. This story is really packed with plot. The twist built in makes the reader want to get to Tony. Well done.


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