My Dearest Love

A love story from The Civil War.

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This is a germ of a novel I’ve had in my head for many years. When Ionia presented the Love Letters prompt, I knew it was a sign to put the ideas to paper: this is its first outing. Eventually, provided D leaves me be at some point, it will be an intertwining tale of three love stories told over great distances.

My Dearest Evelyn,

While war continues, I would not write of it. I would spare you the details of my daily horror.

When I write to you, it is to forget that I am far from you, far from your embrace. I wish that I had been brave enough to speak to your father and ask for your hand before this started. I have faced enough secesh as punishment for my fear, and I will speak to him.

* * *


Your words fill me with hope…

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