Sneak Peek: The Eusu (Unedited Scene from The Compass Key)

Can Timoran slay the mighty Eusu … and survive?

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“Fizzle no like!” the drite screams as he zips over the moat.

The moat monster leaps out of the water to catch the drite, its jaws open wide to swallow Fizzle whole. With a sudden grunt, the monster lurches in the air and slams into the muddy ground.

“Thank you, Fizzle!” Timoran yells. His arms are wrapped around the monster’s powerful tail. “I am impressed that they captured such a large Eusu.”

Digging his heels into the ground, he pulls against the Eusu’s strength. The beast whirls around and uses its head to knock Timoran away. Rolling to his feet, Timoran draws his great axe and charges at the beast. Its thick body is an easy target, but its aqua-colored scales and rubbery fat create a natural armor. Before the Eusu can return to the moat, Timoran’s great axe cuts a few inches into its side. It grunts in…

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