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What Is Your Favorite Writing Space?

A brief exchange between me and another blogger about the need for solitude in which to write led me to thinking about what would be the perfect writing space.  Writers have lives that include families, friends, coworkers, and pets.  Those … Continue reading

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Yes, I Have Regrets: Part 2

In an earlier post, I wrote that I do feel regret over some things I’ve done (or not done) in my life.  These posts are driven in part by the fact that I have less than half of my life … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Eric the Gray:
[Full disclosure: I do not belong to a writing group] Writers are often told by the experts to join a writing group. Having other writers critique your work can help you identify your weaknesses…

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Self-doubt, self-publishing, and other selfish writer-isms

Self-doubt, self-publishing, and other selfish writer-isms.  This blog post by Eric John Baker is worth a read not just for the post itself, but also for the comments.  The debate of traditional vs self-publishing is still raging, only now I … Continue reading

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Why Did Creighton Commit Suicide?

Recently I finished the first season of Treme. By the last episode I was truly hooked. I had wiped away tears when LaDonna’s brother was finally found (dead), sung along with Davis as he recorded his campaign song, swayed to … Continue reading

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An important public service announcement

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Yes, I Have Regrets: Part 1

I often claim that I have no regrets, that life happens and it all works out in the end.  Like, if I hadn’t had that accident that nearly amputated my leg, I wouldn’t have received training for a new job … Continue reading

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Public vs Pubic Hair

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with my body hair.  Except for the hair on my head, I hate my body hair.  I shaved my legs for the first time when I was 12 and have … Continue reading

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A Horror Story: When Readers of a Self-Published Book are Offered Refunds (and Not By the Author Herself … But She’s Paying for Them)

For anyone who is self-publishing in the hopes of attracting a publisher, here’s a horror story for you:  If A Publisher Offers You a Contract for Your Self-Published Book, Will You Be Forced (By Amazon) To Refund Past Customers Who … Continue reading

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Ambushed by the Dead Sea (Secrets)

I just wanted to get some fresh air.  I had been indoors, attending training and conference sessions, for almost five days straight.  It was early December, in Atlanta, and dark after 5 pm.  I just wanted some fresh air, but … Continue reading

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