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A website after my own heart?  I could spend hours on Ebook Crossroads without exhausting all the information that it has to offer.  The site claims to be the “One-stop Resource for eBook Writing and Publishing,” and it may well be given the list of reviews, products, and general info that it provides.  Navigation on Ebook Crossroads is quite smooth, with a choice of general topics on the left-hand side of the webpage  and specific sections on the right-hand side.

You’ll find resources for writers of children’s literature, mystery, poetry, romance, and science fiction; listings for freelance jobs, writing contests, and writing associations; software and electronic reviews; and info on epublishing with ebooks, newsletters, and private label rights.  A lot of the resources provided are geared toward making money, whether through your own writing and/or affiliate programs.

In short, it’s a fun site with lots of great links!  Enjoy!

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4 Responses to All Things Ebooks

  1. Meander says:

    thanks for this link…i will definitely look at it!


  2. 1writeway says:

    Meander, thank you for posting. I hope you do find the website useful. And, by the way, you have a lovely website 🙂


  3. Diane Thomas says:

    I found your blog in my logs and decided to take a look. So glad I did!

    Thanks for the kudos. As with any writer, I always love to read reviews of my work.

    So glad you’ve enjoyed my site, eBook Crossroads, and hope you (and your readers) will come back often.

    Warm regards,


  4. 1writeway says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Diane. Yes, I think you have an awesome site, and I plan to visit it frequently 🙂



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