Tweety Bird

My good friends at ShesConnected set me up with a Twitter account, and I’m hooked.  I now have absolutely no excuse not to be up-to-date on all that is happening in the writing and publishing world.  [I’m not sure (yet) if that is a good thing :-)]  If you’re already on Twitter, you can follow me @1writeway.  If you’re new to Twitter or thinking of about joining, check out these blogs for advice and guidance:

Twitter Tips for Writers

12 Reasons to Start Twittering

The Newbie’s Guide to Twitter

2 thoughts on “Tweety Bird

  1. Ohhhhh, now you’ve gone and done it! Just when I’d convinced myself that I’d be a twit to yet another social network, you give me references to help and to show me how it would be relevant.
    Thanks. 😉

    • I’m still amazed at how many social networking sites are out there … and I keep losing track of the ones I belong to 🙂 Some advice on Twitter: you don’t have to follow everyone who follows you. Limit how many you follow and that might help you keep your sanity. Of course, if you do start Twittering, please let me know because I would Love to follow you 🙂

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