To Be Continued …

Hello, dear Reader, and you may wonder what the heck the title of my post can possibly mean.  Well, I have a confession explanation.  I don’t have a post to post today.  I’ve spent the weekend working on a course that I’m taking with my friend and fellow blogger, Luanne.  It’s an online creative nonfiction course, only 4 weeks long but chocked full of readings.  It’s focused on the “flash essay,” a nonfiction work of 500-750 words.  Yes, I know.  A few months ago it was poetry and now I’m trying another genre.  Am I procrastinating?  Damn right I am but at least I’m learning something in the process.

I’m also thinking about changing my blogging schedule to Wednesdays or maybe Fridays.  I have less time during the work week to spend on my blog and other social media.  So stay tuned if you will and I’ll sort things out eventually.

In the meantime, here’s a gratuitous cat photo, that of Wendy, our rescue from … well, Wendy’s.  This is her favorite spot on our back porch.  We recently purchased new patio furniture but knew we would have to keep this old chair for Wendy.

Wendy stretching her legs.

Wendy stretching her legs.

See y’all next week 🙂

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  2. Bless you and your rescue kitty 🙂 Mine is approaching 16 and quite crabby at times. I get that about wanting to post on Wednesdays. It can be hard to keep up on comments on Mondays when everything else for the weeks is coming full speed as well.

    • And, yes, keeping up with comments is a lot of work, and I don’t get near as many as you do. Then again, it’s nice to be done with them by Friday so I can focus on other things over the weekend 🙂

    • Thanks, Andra! I do think memoirs are creative nonfiction. I’m learning how the “creative” brings out the truth as we see it.

  3. Nothin’ wrong with a bit of procrastination (a bit…). 🙂 I’m the king of it! Your course sounds interesting. Hope you’re getting all you can out of it! See you next week. 😉

  4. Can learning really be considered procrastinating? You’re expounding and expanding your skill set…that sounds far more involved than simple procrastinating. 🙂

    • Hi, Russell! Thanks for reading and commenting. Even when I “procrastinate,” I want to get something out of it. I’m avoiding the five rough draft novels I have waiting for another read-through. That’s the real procrastination 😉

  5. “Creative nonfiction”–I’ve been hearing that term a lot lately. Can’t wait to hear about your course. And I love the pic of Wendy. She’s got chillin’ out down to an art form!

    • Hi, Carrie! Yes, Wendy does know how to chill 🙂 Luanne and I plan to do a review of the course once it’s over. I’m finding the concept of creative nonfiction to be as broad as that of poetry. Few if any boundaries or rules.

    • Hi, Peter! Yes, she is. We’re very lucky with Wendy. She settled in with us very quickly and really enjoys the back porch. I think of her as a young cat with an old soul 😉

  6. Ooh, I can’t wait to hear more about your class! I miss writing flash fiction. I need to do it more often to keep my skillz sharp 🙂

    • Hi, Katie! I do like the “flash” part of the class … although it’s harder writing a shorter piece and I should have known that. Still, as you note, it’s a way to sharpen one’s skills. Mine were getting rather dull 😉

    • Thanks, L! The course is fun. I didn’t know there were so many ways to write creative nonfiction. We’ve been reading graphic essays this past week. I somehow missed out on all this when I was in grad school 20 years ago … lol 🙂

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