Time running out on the Yesterday Road discount

Kevin Brennan’s novel Yesterday Road is still available for $2 at Smashwords but only through Saturday night, so hurry up and get a copy! Check out the ratings and reviews of Yesterday Road on Amazon if you must. I’ve read it and gave it 5 stars πŸ™‚ Brennan’s collection of short shorts, Our Children Are Not Our Children, is FREE at Smashwords through Saturday as well. Do yourself a favor. Get BOTH, because after you read Our Children, you will want to read more by Kevin Brennan. And, by the way, I rated Our Children 5 stars as well πŸ™‚ So stop reading my post and get your(self) over to Smashwords!

4 thoughts on “Time running out on the Yesterday Road discount

  1. I’ve been in a work fog and didn’t realize Yesterday Road was discounted; what a great deal! I’m heading over to Smashwords this moment to pick it up. I LOVED Our Children Are Not Our Children and encourage everyone to read Kevin’s work.

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