The Joy of Aging … Not #MondayBlogs #bodyimage

I have an essay published in Crow’s Feet on Medium, where I write about my battle with my aging skin. No lotion, no potion can turn back time, it seems. You can read it here:

Soon after this post goes live, I’ll update my avatar … again.

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  1. I like your take on this [for me] timely subject. I’ve looked into the mirror more often now that I’m at home all the time and I don’t see who I think I should see in the reflection. I’m all about embracing age with grace and humor, so I think I’ll follow your lead– and relax about the whole issue of how my skin looks. I’m healthy and doing ok for my age. Why need there be more?

    • Indeed, why not look at the positives? Health is number one. I do take care of my skin but I realize some of this—how my skin ages—is genetic. “Embracing age with grace and humor”: that’s a perfect way to put it 🙂👍

  2. Ah, Marie! I’ve been contemplating the way I look at 74. You’ve described me perfectly as well as my childhood and youth. Never have I been my ideal weight. Between 2016-2020, I gained 40 lbs. thanks to being partially immobile due to a fall and chronic pain leading up to my surgery a year ago. I’m still struggling with the weight gain, but I did lose 15 lbs. I’m still struggling with strengthening exercises and I have to work really hard now. Why now? We won an all expenses paid trip to Scandinavia in August. We’ve never travelled abroad. Now I’m scared I won’t fit in with the other people who’ve signed up to go. I’m worried about getting the right clothes because we never take trips like this one. I’m also feeling so inexperienced. BUT it’s the trip of a lifetime, and I MUST GO! You are not alone in your looking in the mirror times. We all get crepey skin, little dots here and there, and stupidly I was sunburned more than once on Florida vacations, so I get brown spots everywhere from blistering. I could go on, but I won’t! Maybe I’ll write a piece for The Crow’s Feet on a 74-year old woman who’s never been outside the U.S. and is now headed to Scandinavia and her fears and worries. 🙂

    • Sherrey, you should write for Crow’s Feet! How exciting!! That trip is definitely something to look forward to. I’m sure you can find some guidance online about travel clothes, but most importantly you want to be comfortable in what you wear, never mind the others. I’m so happy for you 🙂

  3. First, I received this email notification with no problems. So yay!
    Now then, you are beautiful! I love your hair and am quite envious of it. You look great with every style I’ve seen. Quite a few in my short time of knowing you! I love that you are adventurous like that:)
    I have some parts of me that I’m less than crazy about—my flabby, stretchmarked tummy for one. I’ll never win a bikini contest! 🤣🤣 But that is a payoff I’m fine with.
    Society places too much of an emphasis on staying young and having perfect skin, weight, hair, etc. I like growing older, and like you, I’ve always wanted to be older. I mean, come on, who is more beautiful than Helen Mirren?!?
    Your honesty in this piece is refreshing. Keep on rocking! I think you’re amazing.

    • Thank you, Cheryl! I wasn’t fishing for compliments, really I wasn’t … lol. Yes, I’ve been quite adventurous with my hair, and I don’t believe I’m done with that. Especially whenever it becomes possible to go to a salon again! Or maybe I’ll be really adventurous and color my hair myself … hmmm … not sure I’m that brave. I like your comment about your tummy being a “payoff” you’re fine with. That is a great way to look at it! I have scars that have little to do with my aging. Although they don’t help (or haven’t helped) with my self-image, they are part of my story, part of who I am. To erase them would be like erasing a part of myself. Thank you for your kind words <3

  4. Well, I think you’re looking pretty smooth, Marie. Having spent a great deal of my “younger years” sick, I’ll take the wrinkles and saggy skin over not feeling well. Nice job on the essay!

    • Oh, my goodness, Jill, that is so true! I hope those years of being sick are behind you. I totally agree: if I have to choose, I’ll take good health any day over flawless skin.

  5. You look terrific. What works for me is to remember that I am five years cancer free, and have wonderful medicines that keep me going in spite of the other two cripplers with which I’ve been blessed. My skin? You’ve described it beautifully in your essay. 😁

    • Oh, thank you, John! Congratulations on being cancer-free!!! Five years. That’s the magic number, isn’t it? I had cancer back in 2001. I was lucky that I only needed surgery, but still … I felt I couldn’t relax until I finished five years with no recurrence. Love you. Stay healthy and stay safe!

  6. I’m with ya…your article and reference articles hit home in a good/hard way – in the manner of standing in solidarity with what is and holding hands through it – yep even during COVID!

    My Ma set a fine example for ‘aging’ while just living her life as she always did: full of life, passion, giving and ‘meh’ to those things that truly don’t matter.

    BTW: the changing of one’s gravatar is significant for sure. I will mention tho that mine hasn’t been switched out due to wanting to maintain a ‘consistency of look’ rather than vanity…I think when I finally do change it out it will be with my purpletulipmusic logo for the same purpose – but not due to vanity! However, I mention this because it is the one area where I do have a good perspective on the skin thing…
    Now as for other aspects? I still struggle with sagging arms showing and odd un-firm legs even though I’m at a great weight – and deciding whether or not to wear my casual and comfy strappy sundresses or shorts and a cotton camisole tshirt.
    Marie – Thank you – mille grazie – for this.

    • I love your comments, Laura! I definitely choose my clothes based on how much skin I’m comfortable showing. In Florida that can be difficult when it’s triple-digit temps and humidity to match … but when it’s that hot, I usually don’t give a toss about what other people think 😉 Interesting you mention your Ma: mine and her sisters have never seemed to be hung up on vanity. Generally they’re a pretty modest group of women. More good examples for me!

  7. You look fabulous, Marie! Love this quote from your essay: “I accept that the crepey folds and flaps aren’t going away. Now when I look at my body and start to feel the usual dismay, I’ll remind myself of the women I admire who embrace(d) their aging with grace and humor.”
    Amen to that.

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