The Continuing Tale of Luisa

Now, I’m venturing outside my comfort zone here, especially since I didn’t bother to apply makeup or straighten my hair.  OMG, you’ll be seeing the REAL me!!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉

37 thoughts on “The Continuing Tale of Luisa

  1. Beautiful cat, and not a bad cat mama either. All the dudes watching this video are thinking the same thing: Mr. Bailey is one lucky fella.*

    *sorry if his name isn’t Mr. Bailey. Working with limited knowledge and an unwillingness to not comment.

  2. Hi Marie – so sorry to hear about the official diagnosis 🙁 Glad she’s pain free and looking good. I hope you get lots of time together. Love the video. As others have said, you’re a natural. Your worry about having not done your hair or put on makeup was completely unfounded. You look great. For some reason, I really like it when people post videos, perhaps because it’s kind of a peek at the real person behind all the written words.

    Anyway, thanks for the update on Luisa and for braving the world of video. You’ll have to post more now that we all know you can do it 🙂

    • Thanks, Dave! Honestly, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the comments about my “performance.” I think it really helps to have a live prop, like Luisa :). I have three other cats so … maybe I’ll do this again 😉

  3. I thought you said you were an introvert. You would never know from this video You did a wonderful job with it and you look beautiful. I wish I looked that good without makeup 

    I’m sorry to hear about Luisa’s diagnosis, but glad the treatment is making her last days comfortable. I know it’s difficult to lose such a cherished friend. Pets have a tendency to curl up in our hearts and stay there forever.

    • Thank you, Melissa, for your kind words. I am indeed an introvert but I sometimes play an extrovert on camera 🙂 I did “rehearse” (at least, as much as one can with a squirming kitty). You, my dear, are gorgeous!
      I love this line: “Pets have a tendency to curl up in our hearts and stay there forever.” That is so perfect and so true. Thank you again.

  4. You’re such a wonderful cat momma, Marie. I’m sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but happy to hear the prednisone is helping her feel like herself.
    By the way, you look great! You should do more videos…you’re a natural. xo

    • Thanks, Jill! Gee, maybe I should try to do more videos. Although I’m an introvert, there’s an inner actress just desperate to get out. I’ve often called on her when I’ve had to do presentations and such 😉 But I was being myself here, and it was funny to see how I was holding and nuzzling Luisa and how much she did not like it 😉

  5. You and your kitty are both beautiful. I am so sad about the diagnosis, but happy to see her looking so well. She’s feisty too. Love the mew at the end. She’s like, “Oh Mom, enough already!”

  6. Awe hun, I am so sorry 🙁 I completely understand how difficult it is when it comes to our furry family! Your strength truly shines through this video and I wish you many special moments with her before it’s time to say goodbye. <3

    P.S. You look beautiful!

    • Thank you so much! We feel very fortunate to have more time with her and that it’s good quality time … except when she wakes me at 6 AM wanting to be fed 😉

  7. Hey there! You’re a natural on video, Marie! I know now from my own experience that it’s not as easy as some people make it seem to just stare into the little eye and jabber, but you pulled it off with aplomb.

    And the news about Luisa is terrific. So glad she’s got a little more time to do what she does best: make you happy. 🐱 (That’s actually a cat, though at this size it looks kind of like a mouse…)

    • Gee, thanks, Kevin! You know, I taught an online class for one semester a couple of years ago and we had video so maybe that experience is still with me. Anyway, it is hard though (note I mentioned making 3 attempts) and I’m not happy with the video quality.
      Anyhoo, we are very happy that Luisa is doing so well right now. Aside from having to put with me mauling her so often, she seems happy too 🙂

  8. Wow, was that Luisa making that noise at the end there? What a growl! I’m glad to know that the meds are at least making her comfortable — denial might just be the nicest thing for you right now — in the back of your mind you’ll know she’s sick but you won’t be watching her suffer. (Does that make sense?)
    I hope you have more time together, and that when the end does come, it comes gently and quickly.
    All my best.

    • Thank you, Helena. You make complete sense. We know she’s sick, but it’s nice to experience denial on the basis of her current behavior. And, yes, that was indeed her growl 🙂 Given that it was our 3rd attempt at a video, I’m really surprised she lasted that long before growling 😉

  9. Aw, sorry to hear about Luisa. Hopefully she’ll hang in there for a while yet.
    And you look great – I can’t believe you’re not wearing any makeup 😉

    • Thank you!! It’s probably the poor quality of the video that makes me look good. Ha ha ha. Thank you too for your kind comment about Luisa.

    • Thank you, Pamela. *blush* We do have some pain meds we can give her, but it is hard to tell, as you may have noticed from her growl 😉

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