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This, That, and the Other #amwriting #cats

Writers are flocking to Medium now because everyone wants that chance to make thousands of dollars a month. I’d be happy with tens of dollars a month.

Top Ten Thing Not to do at a Wedding

Go to weddings much, Dear Reader? Well, tis the season and as those invitations start pouring in, consider these 10 warning tips from John Howell.

Top Ten Things Not to do IF You Think You Are Going to Win a Contest or the Lotto

A cautionary list of what not to do if you’re one of those folks who like to play … the Lotto 🙂 Courtesy of John Howell!

Top Ten Things Not to Do If You Are Going to Disneyland

If you’ve ever gone to Disneyland, this list of things not to do there is for you! If you’ve never gone to Disneyland, this list will validate why you’ve never gone 🙂 Enjoy, courtesy of John W. Howell.