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At Long Last: Book 2 in The Changelings Series by Katie Sullivan!

My good friend, Katie Sullivan, is publishing her second book in The Changelings Series: The Rise of Kings! I read her first book, Into the Mist, and loved it. I was a beta reader for The Rise of Kings and … Continue reading

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Pre-Order Changelings: The Rise of Kings!

Originally posted on The D/A Dialogues:
Changelings: The Rise of Kings is now live for pre-orders in the Amazon Kindle Store! Between now and July 13, you can pre-order the kindle edition for $1.99! A print edition will be…

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A Traditional Book Review: Three Ghosts by Katie Sullivan #MondayBlogs #bookreview

As I often complain to anyone who will spare me a few minutes (and that usually reduces to a few seconds once they see I’m about to complain):  I have a  tower of to-be-read  and to-be-reviewed books that may as … Continue reading

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Three Ghosts is now on sale!

Originally posted on Katie Sullivan:
Cover Art by Casey T. Malone What do you do when the decisions you’ve made come back to haunt you? How do you make them right? Can you, when one wrong move will mean lives…

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WIP Blog Tour!

Many thanks to Luanne Castle at Writer Site for tagging me to participate in this special blog tour.  It comes at a good time for me because I’ve been wrestling working on my WIP, Clemency, A Novel.  Before you read … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Book Review: Changelings: Into the Mist by Katie Sullivan

Hello, Dear Reader.  I am raising myself from the near-dead to offer you another in my unplanned series of “a different kind of book review.”  And this book  is so worth me rallying myself to the computer.  I hope you … Continue reading

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Changelings: Into the Mist is HERE!

Changelings. They were the descendants of Man and Fae. They walked between worlds – as healers, mystics, even kings – but no more. He thought he was the last, alone and lost, until the day he saw them. Irish teens … Continue reading

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IndieGo-GO? Here I go!

Originally posted on The D/A Dialogues:
So, I did something I never thought I would be bold enough to do: launch a crowdfunding campaign. But I did – and it’s live!  There’s even a contribution on it (Thank you,…

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Claude, Part 3: A Choice

Originally posted on The Community Storyboard:
Christmastime at the Reynolds’ house was bright, cheerful and mad. Add five eager-to-please pug puppies into the mix and it was bedlam. Bedlam of the best kind, of course. There were carols and movies…

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