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A new gig and other things

Last week I started a new job.  Well, more like a new old job.  I’ve taken a position as a survey coordinator with a former employer.  I have the distinct pleasure of working again with a group of people that I respect and like.  There are some new faces, of course, but overall it’s a […]
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Guest bloggers at the Writer’s Resource Center

John Hewitt of the Writer’s Resource Center is on hiatus for a few weeks and has engaged a great group of bloggers to fill in for him. One of that great group is . . . yours truly 🙂 I am thrilled to be listed among some phenomenal bloggers. For a full list, click here. […]
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Blogging is fun!

My most favorite blogger, John Hewitt, has a delightful post about why he loves blogging more than freelancing. He gives five reasons: (1) he doesn’t have to send out query letters; (2) he can write about whatever he wants; (3) he doesn’t have to answer to an editor; (4) he can get published when he […]
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