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Reblog: Top Ten Things Not to Do on President’s Day

You may be wanting another holiday to celebrate but here are some good reasons not to celebrate President’s Day. Courtesy of John Howell over at Fiction Favorites. Enjoy πŸ˜‰

You know Kevin Brennan has this novel …

kind of like chick lit but so much better because it turns chick lit on its head.Β  Check out Kevin’s post:Β  Have I mentioned lately that I have a book to peddle?. If you need more encouragement, check out my reviews of Occasional Soulmates. My standard, Amazon-style review. My different (and favorite) kind of review.

Ten Things Not to Do at a Super Bowl Celebration

For all you Superbowl fans, heed this list before the games begin! Courtesy of John Howell over at Fiction Favorites.

Ten Things Not to do When You Are Short of Time

If you are short on time, don’t read other blogs before you reblog the Monday post from John Howell, otherwise Monday might be almost over by the time you get to it πŸ˜‰

Top Ten Things Not to Do When Writing an Amazon Review

For all you people who love to write to reviews of anything and everything πŸ™‚ Monday humor from John Howell!

Ten Things Not to Do on New Year’s Eve

Prepare yourself for New Year’s Eve by reading this list of things not to do by John Howell!

Top Ten Things Not to do In The Rain

A special “top ten things not to do” list for my friends in California, courtesy of John Howell. Hopefully the rains haven’t washed away your sense of humor πŸ™‚

Ten Things Not to Do While Staying Overnight with Friends

Plan to stay with friends or family over the holidays? Check out this list of Things Not To Do by John Howell!

Final day for the Occasional Soulmates 99 cent countdown deal!

Snooze and you lose! Today is the last day to get Kevin Brennan’s Occasional Soulmates for only 99 cents! But if you’re really savvy, you’ll buy the paperback which allows you to have the Kindle version for free. Then you can give the paperback as a gift to your best friend and keep the Kindle […]
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Occasional Soulmates — 99 cents for one week starting… Now!

Sister, brother, can you spare a dollar? In return, Kevin Brennan can give you hours of pleasure. Read his post to see how.