HELP WANTED! Guest Bloggers with stories about Good People Doing Great Things

HELP WANTED! Guest Bloggers with stories about Good People Doing Great Things.

I know there are some excellent writers out there looking for opportunities to share their thoughts and insights and their research.  Here’s a blog on compassion, on “good people doing great things.”  It’s a fairly new blog that is designed to spread good news, to share stories about real people doing great things out of compassion, out of their simple desire to make life a little better for someone else.  I’ve been honored to have a couple of short essays guest-posted on this blog (here and here).  You can share a story about one of your own experiences, about someone you know, or someone you admire.  Perhaps you would like to put a spotlight on someone in your community who fosters rescued animals, who volunteers as a Big Brother or a Big Sister, or who participates in trash cleanups (this one’s for you, Linda).

Just click on the Help Wanted link above for more information.  I’ve disabled comments for this post so if you’re interested, just go to the source.  Thanks for reading.

A Random Act of Kindness – Guest Post by Marie Ann Bailey

A Random Act of Kindness – Guest Post by Marie Ann Bailey.

This is a guest post from me on Good People Doing Great Things, a wonderful blog focused on compassion.  I’ve disabled comments here to urge you to leave your comments at the original source.  Please click on the link above.  I hope you enjoy it.

“Children and Compassion” by Marie Ann Bailey

Some time ago I ran a post about a new blog that Margaret Jean Langstaff was developing: Good People Doing Great Things. The focus of the blog is compassion, telling stories about the compassionate acts of ordinary people and encouraging compassion in others.

I’m honored that Margaret asked me to write a guest post which I’m reblogging here. I would greatly appreciate it if you, my dear Reader, would be so kind to reblog or tweet or Like or somehow share this blog, either my post or this one: Margaret is looking for contributions as well, and this link provides more information if anyone is interested.

Thanks 🙂

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Good People Doing Great Things

marie ann bailey copy“CHILDREN AND COMPASSION”
Our Wonderful Guest Blogger MARIE ANN BAILEY…
on this most important issue

[Marie Ann Bailey works in the public health field by day and writes for her blog,, by night. She has a graduate degree in English, having a love for literature and writing that has been with her all her life. Her desire to be helpful, to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, led her to complete a Masters in Social Work. The fact that she is a shy introvert eventually led her away from direct counseling and into the world of data. She aims now to make a difference through her writing in general, but also through direct acts of kindness, whether those acts involve knitting a scarf for an ill friend, volunteering at a shelter, or dedicating her life to caring for ill-mannered stray cats.]

“Children and Compassion”

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Idling After a Week on the Roller Coaster

This week has been quite the emotional roller coaster, with my husband and I having a few teary-eyed discussions about our oldest cat, Luisa.  I’m happy to say that right now she is stable and seems to be regaining some of her old spunk and energy.

Luisa nodding off.

Luisa nodding off.

Okay, she’s not looking too spunky here, but this is the first morning in a week that she’s felt well enough to walk all the way from the back of the house to the front, climb up on the couch (with a little help from moi), and then take a nap in front of the window.  And I have the pleasure of giving her a cocktail of drugs twice a day:  her usual methimazole (for hyperthyroidism) and Pepcid (for her tummy; I don’t know that it helps but they say it doesn’t hurt); in addition, an anti-nausea pill once a day; appetite stimulant every three days; a liquid medication for colitis; and a food supplement similar to Activa.  Fortunately, Luisa is very good about taking pills and even having a syringe of cold liquid splashed at the back of her throat.  We are not assuming that she’s out of danger yet.  I mean, she’s at least 20 (my husband argues that she’s closer to 22) and her body is shutting down.  We’re just trying to slow the process and make her comfortable.  And right now, our efforts are paying off 🙂

With Luisa as my distraction, I’ve fallen very behind in writing and blogging and commenting.  Fortunately, this morning I came across this post from CommuniCATE Resources for Writers:  Don’t “Write” Yourself Off: I Don’t Care How Old You Are!  Indeed, I needed to read this!  One of the (many) struggles I have with my writing is my age:  Will I someday be too old to publish a FIRST novel?  Is time running out for me?  If you ever have any of these thoughts, read Cate’s blog post.

And if you feel that sometimes the world is too full of bad news and bad people, there’s a new blog that you’ll want to visit and perhaps even contribute to:  Good People Doing Great Things.  This is the brain-child of Margaret Jean Langstaff, a wonderful writer and blogger that you may already know through her blog, The Langstaff Retort.  For Good People Doing Great Things, Margaret wants “to hear your stories and experiences, events and acts of spontaneous kindness that you have witnessed or initiated yourself.” She is looking for guest bloggers, columnists, advisors, people who understand the importance of compassion in our humanity, as well as anyone with WP expertise who would be willing volunteer their time to make the new blog visually engaging.

Almost finally, Interesting Literature had two very interesting posts last week:  one about 19th century inmates of insane asylums (click here) and another one on great quotations from women writers (click here).  My favorite quote of those listed:  ‘Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.’ – Virginia Woolf

Now really finally, for Belinda at …

Sunset at one of the most beautiful places on earth:  St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

Sunset at one of the most beautiful places on earth: St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

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