Legends of Windemere Holiday #Sale! 6 #Fantasy eBooks for $2!

For all you fans of high fantasy, magic, and strange creatures, here’s an amazing offer from an amazing author. Hurry and take advantage of this sale. It’s such a good deal you’ll want to buy a bundle for yourself and a loved one! (Or even just someone you like … ).

Legends of Windemere

From December 22nd to December 26th (8 AM PST) you can get the first 6 volumes of
for $2!

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen 3D Conversion by Bestt_graphics Cover Art by Jason Pedersen
3D Conversion by Bestt_graphics

*This Book Bundle contains the first 3 volumes of the LEGENDS OF WINDEMERE fantasy series.*

Every hero must take that first courageous step into adventure. For Luke Callindor, it’s more of a blind stumble. From battling a demonic assassin to facing the family he left behind, this warrior’s adventuring career has been one awkward mistake after another. Most days the only things that keep him alive, yet never unharmed, are his trusted friends and his reckless courage. How long can his luck hold out before the gods of Windemere decide to cut his legend short?


Cover Art by Jason Pedersen Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

*This Book Bundle contains volumes 4-6 of the LEGENDS OF WINDEMERE fantasy series.*


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Town Father is great book club material — and it’s on sale for 99 cents!

Dear Reader, do you belong to a book club? Well, here’s a sale for you and your fellow bookies (or book lovers, whatever): Kevin Brennan’s Town Father is on sale for 99 cents but only through Friday so HURRY! And check out Kevin’s post: he has questions that you can use to guide your book club’s discussion!


Front cover smallPick me! Pick me!

Starting today and running through Friday, Town Father is on sale at Amazon for 99 cents. I finally landed an EReader News Today slot!

And this gives me the opportunity to suggest that Town Father would make an excellent choice for book clubs. Don’t just take it from me. Author Carrie Rubin (Eating Bull) introduced the book to her club, which just wrapped up their discussion last week.

Carrie had asked if I might want to prepare a few discussion questions for the group to dig into, which I was delighted to do. I might have gone a little overboard with fifteen questions, but consider them a pick n’ choose menu. You can download a pdf here. (Caution: includes spoilers!)

If you’re in a book club and you’re looking for unique historical fiction about a Gold Country village made up of three…

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A Different Kind of Book Review: His Revenge by John W. Howell

Hello, dear friends.  I have it on good authority there’s another book sale for you to take advantage of. Yep, John W. Howell, hero author of My GRL is having a SALE on the latest novel in his trilogy, His Revenge.  Go ahead, run over and get yourself a copy if you’ve been procrastinating.  I can wait.  Or if you want to procrastinate just a little bit longer, maybe the following review will be the kick in your reading butt that you need.


Randy swore as hot water splashed against his fingers. He heard a muffled snort and turned around. Mary was braced against a kitchen chair, her right hand covering her mouth and nose in a vain attempt to restrain her laughter. Randy grimaced and then ran cold water over his burnt fingers.

“I’m sorry,” said Mary as she came over to the counter to resume making the tea. But not sorry, she thought to herself as she carefully poured hot water into the teapot. She knew Randy was nervous. He had chosen the book they were going to discuss. She knew it wasn’t fair that he was the only male—so far—in their book club, but, still, she thought it was entertaining.

Before Randy could retort that he doubted Mary’s sincerity, her cousins Maggie and Melissa burst through the front door, buoyed by their acquisition of hot powdered beignets. Randy rolled his eyes. It was enough to be drinking tea instead of coffee, eating vanilla scones instead of chocolate chip cookies, but now powdered beignets? How can he seriously discuss a thriller with powdered sugar all over his face?

The three women set the kitchen table with Mary’s preferred fine bone china, Maggie and Melissa enthusiastically describing their coup in getting to the bakery just before it closed and nabbing the beignets. Randy grabbed his rather plain but sturdy mug and sat down at the head of the table. Mary had put tonight’s topic near Randy’s chair. The rest of the club was ready with their Kindles.

Randy gazed at the cover, waiting for the cousins to finish extolling the virtues of the new bakery. The woman on the cover was beautiful, just the sort of young, blond woman with flawless skin that any man could fall in love with. He glanced over at Mary, taking in her short salt-and-pepper hair, the fine lines around her eyes and mouth, the perceptibly sagging skin around her neck. The woman on the cover of tonight’s book was beautiful, but to Randy, Mary could outshine her any day. He cleared his throat and three sets of dark brown eyes turned toward him. He swallowed.

“So, tonight we’ll be talking about His Revenge by John Howell. Ah … this is the second novel in his trilogy about John Cannon, a lawyer who suddenly finds himself involved in a number of terrorist plots. You all read his first novel, My GRL, right?”

Mary and Maggie nodded as they sipped their tea. Melissa looked pensive. “That one had a blue cover, right? Like the photo was shot in the water, looking up? God, I loved that cover!”

“And the novel?” Randy didn’t want to derail their discussion, but they never did get a chance to discuss My GRL even though they all had read it.

“Oh, it was entertaining!” Mary chimed in. “Great set-up with a lawyer who just wants to have a vacation, sail around for a while, and then inexplicably finds himself in the middle of a terrorist plot. And he’s not perfect, he makes mistakes, but his heart in the right place. I love that kind of hero.” Mary winked at Randy and he could feel his face flush with embarrassment and a little bit of pride.

“Even if his head sometimes gets bogged down with minutiae. I do like the character of John Cannon, but he’s a little OCD, don’t you think?” Maggie was rummaging through her knitting bag as she talked so she didn’t see the knowing glances exchanged between her cousins and Randy. Melissa stifled a temptation to say, “It takes one to know one …”.

“But that’s part of his appeal, don’t you think? It’s what makes him loveable.” Mary smiled at Maggie as her cousin pulled her needles and yarn onto her lap, holding all with one hand while, with the other, she carefully brought a beignet to her mouth.  Maggie shrugged at Mary’s comment, more concerned with making sure she didn’t dribble any powdered sugar on to the black shawl she was knitting.

“The author carries those qualities through to the second novel, His Revenge. I suppose you could say Cannon is kind of eccentric, but he’s consistent.”  Randy tried again to take the lead as the book club host.

“Consistently focused on food and drink,” mumbled Maggie as she laid a napkin over her lap in a futile effort to keep her knitting pristine.

Melissa laughed and shook her head. “Yeah, but are we calling these eccentricities because we don’t expect a hero to be thinking about the quality of food he’s being served by terrorists? I mean, again, that’s part of what makes these novels so interesting and surprising. I mean, he’s in danger, right? Threats are being made against people he cares about, but he’ll still be particular about how his drinks are made. You want to shake him but you want to hug him too.”

“Okay, but what did annoy me, and you might be surprised by this, is in this second novel, he has sex with not just one, but two women. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I wasn’t comfortable with how easy he seemed to fall in love and in bed with two completely different women.  At least it wasn’t at the same time.” Randy took a big gulp of his tea, momentarily closing his eyes to what he knew would be shocked looks. When he opened his eyes, he saw he wasn’t wrong.

Maggie and Melissa sat with their heads cocked like two little confused puppies. Mary’s eyes were wide, but so was her smile. They had already had this discussion.

“Now, Randy, darling, you really want us to believe that if you were in Mr. Cannon’s shoes, with two beautiful women practically throwing themselves at you, that you would have just said ‘thanks, but no thanks.’ Seriously? I mean, you wouldn’t take advantage of such a situation. Come on, darling. You’re only human.” Mary leaned forward, resting her chin on her hand, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Randy sighed. “Point taken. I’ve never been in that situation, so I guess I can’t really say what I would or would not do. Still, I’d argue that in My GRL, he was more of a gentleman when it came to women. Here …” Randy picked up the novel as if to emphasize his point. “Here, he’s more cavalier.”

“Maybe the terrorists were starting to be a bad influence on him,” Maggie quipped as she pushed back from the table so she could knit more comfortably.

Melissa snorted. “No, I disagree. I think Cannon is still a gentleman, but when you’re in extreme situations where you could literally die tomorrow, well, I just think people behave differently then.”

“But not so differently that he doesn’t pay attention to every detail of his clothing or bathing.” Maggie smoothed out her knitting, seeming to look for a dropped stitch. Melissa shrugged and threw Mary a knowing smile. The three of them had lived together for a while and they knew only too well how meticulous Maggie was about her showers.

“Well, Cannon is a different kind of hero, and I like that about him and the novels in general. And he doesn’t even think of himself as a hero. He’s humble that way.”

“Exactly,” Mary interrupted Randy. “This is no one-man-saves-the-day kind of thriller. It’s a team effort. Other people, other otherwise regular people, work with Cannon to thwart the terrorists. Everyone has some kind of skill, like Cannon using his lawyering skills to negotiate, to try to save lives. It’s not effective by itself, but in working with the other hostages, they have a real chance.  You really don’t know how or whether they can get out of these traps.”

Randy marveled at Mary. He didn’t think she much cared for thrillers, but she had definitely warmed to this series by John Howell. And he could guess why. After reading Howell’s first novel My GRL, Mary had told him that Cannon reminded her of him: his manners, his old-fashioned sense of propriety, his attention to detail, and his shunning of the limelight. Any time Randy and his deputies solved a case, it didn’t matter how much work Randy put into the effort, he always gave credit to his deputies, keeping himself in the background.

“So there will be a third novel, right?” Maggie looked up from her knitting when her question was met with silence. “Oh, right. It’s a trilogy.” She gave Randy and her cousins a big smile, which disappeared as soon as she saw the empty plate where there once had been a pile of hot, powdery beignets.

“Well, I give His Revenge five stars.  Who’s with me?”  Mary looked around the table.

“I give it a five,” said Maggie as she played with the remains of powered sugar on her plate.

“Five for me,” said Melissa. Randy nodded his assent and sat back, feeling some pride about the discussion.  They were done for tonight, but they weren’t done reading and talking about John Cannon, a different kind of American hero.


Oh, dear Reader, are you still here?  Well, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Amazon and pick up a copy of His Revenge!






A Different Kind of Book Review: Town Father: Where Graceful Girls Abound

My dear friends, I’ve been inspired to write a different kind of review for a novel that is currently ON SALE at Amazon.  Kevin Brennan’s Town Father: Where Graceful Girls Abound is available for 99 cents this weekend only.  I recommend you pick up a copy now and read my review later.  But, it’s a free country.  Do as you choose.


Maggie assayed the kitchen table, using her index finger to count the settings.  There were only the four of them tonight, but still she wanted to count and be sure she hadn’t overlooked anything.  It was her night to “host” the book club she and her cousins had formed.  The core of the club included herself and her two cousins, Melissa and Mary.  Lately, Randy, Mary’s boyfriend, had been joining them.

Well, he’d been joining them because he was already there, already spending weekends at Mary’s house.  Maggie smiled.  She was looking forward to hearing Randy’s take on Town Father: Where Graceful Girls Abound, the latest novel by Kevin Brennan.  She had thought of him a lot while reading the novel, imagining him as Henry.  Strangely, though, she didn’t imagine Mary as Avis, Henry’s love, although she certainly wouldn’t say that during their meeting.

The tea kettle interrupted her meditation with its high-pitched squeal and, as if on cue, Melissa pulled up in the driveway and Mary and Randy came bounding down the stairs together.  She cast a side-long glance at Mary as Melissa entered the house and gave them all chilly hugs.

“I feel like my fingers might just break off like icicles, they’re so cold.”  Melissa reached for her cup after Maggie poured in the hot tea, using it to warm her hands.  “You need to knit me some new mittens, Maggie.”

Maggie smirked.  “Maybe for your birthday.”

“That’s in July! I need them now!”

Ignoring Melissa’s feigned histrionics, Mary placed the subject of their discussion in the middle of the table.  To read Town Father in time for the meeting, they took advantage of a recent sale and downloaded the Kindle versions.  But Maggie, ever the purist, had to have a bound paper copy.  Well worth the cost for that cover alone, she thought as she gazed at the colorful illustration.  She picked it up.

“Well, shall we begin?  Since this was my choice, I’ll start.  I really enjoyed this novel.  At times it felt like such a fun romp, you know?  It’s historical fiction, around the 1880s forward, and I really felt like I was reading a book from that time.  Sort of the same way I feel when I read Austen.  Brennan really captures the language, the sentiments of that time.  What made it even more fascinating is it’s a utopian novel, about an idealized community of only women.  I know utopian experiments weren’t unheard of then, but still, they were usually based on a style of living, like agrarianism, not a separation of the sexes.  I thought the community of Hestia was idyllic.  Can you imagine living somewhere where everyone contributes according to their skill and you have none of the competition that sets people against each other?”

Mary stirred her tea.  She could easily imagine Maggie in such a community, knitting up clothing for the citizens and getting food and shelter and acceptance in return.  She glanced over at Randy.  For her part, she could only consider such a thing if Randy were her Henry and she were his Avis.  Otherwise, not a chance.

“I enjoyed it, too.”  Randy’s voice cracked slightly, which it usually did when he was the center of the three cousins’ attention.  Mary tried to keep her smile to herself.  Indeed, he was like Henry, the man who becomes the Town Father, who provides a truly organic service to the community of 300 women, making sure that their community will grow.  Like Henry, Randy has a moral backbone that won’t break and yet he’s amenable to new ideas.  At first, Henry was appalled by his “duties” as Town Father, but he quickly (maybe too quickly, she thought) came around to see himself and his “contributions” as part of a greater ideal.

“You know,” Mary started, wanting Randy a chance to gather his thoughts since she knew he was a little bit … shy.  “You know, I liked it too, although I would have liked Henry to have been stronger, especially when the circus came to town.  I mean, he was there with these women through so much, definitely sensitive to the suspicions of the people near to them, but when that circus comes, he practically runs off with his tail between his legs after the first run-in with the ringleader Hazlitt.”

“But, I think that’s totally in keeping with his character,” Randy said.  “He’s a very introspective man and also inclined to blame himself when things go wrong.  Remember, he had had his heart broken before.”

Mary blushed as Randy continued, his eyes first directly on her.  But as he talked, he looked around, making eye contact with Melissa and Maggie, both of whom seemed to be hanging on his every word.

“I saw a lot of myself in Henry, to be honest.  I’d had my heart broken and there was a time when I thought I should just leave, go on some adventure, go somewhere and start over.”  He glanced over at Mary and smiled.  “Of course, I’m glad now that I didn’t, but, for Henry, it’s exactly what he needed to do.  And he’s a man of honor throughout.  But he’s naïve, too, not very worldly.  It’s almost like he has to leave Hestia to fully realize the importance of Hestia’s mission and to realize how much the community needs him and he needs them.”

Melissa leaned forward, her fingers now comfortably thawed enough for her to tear apart an iced vanilla scone.  “I loved the comedy of the novel, too.  It was light, not heavy-handed at all, but it was there.  Henry was perfect for that.  How do you write a novel like this, for today’s audience, without a diffusion of humor, with Henry as the vehicle?  I mean, wouldn’t a community like Hestia be like every man’s fantasy?  But in other hands, such a novel would deteriorate into something like 50 Shades of Sepia.  You need a gullible, good-hearted, and moral gentleman like Henry to keep it from doing that.”

“True.” Randy reached for a slice of banana bread as he spoke.  “But he, the author, Brennan, does show what the “average” man would think about Hestia, how debased the women are in the eyes of someone who doesn’t understand.  Remember when Henry’s own son returns?  That was a heartrending part.”

“Oh, yes, that was genius!”  Maggie almost spilled the tea she was pouring into Melissa’s cup.  “I was really on the edge of my chair with that section of the novel.  And, you’re right, it was a sad part,because you really felt the integrity of Hestia was being threatened, not just by the son who refused to believe in it, but by the fact that it happened at all.  It was only because they exiled Paige, one of their own.  Well, and that occurred because of the circus … .”

“You can’t keep the world out entirely.  And you can’t control what goes on outside in that world.”  Randy put his cup down.  “You know, the ending surprised me.  It was a soft landing, if you know what I mean.  The community had had enough drama and at the end, it was time for Henry and Avis to take stock.  And it’s interesting because while Henry was definitely in lockstep with the program once he got over the shock, all the time you could feel that he really just wanted to be with one woman.  And because of that, well … .”  Randy felt Mary’s knee rub against his and he let his voice fade.

“Well.”  Maggie sat up straight and Melissa stifled a laugh.  Her cousin took her role at these meetings so seriously, she thought.  “Well,” Maggie started again. “Shall we vote?  I give Town Father 5 stars for originality, humor, and that beautiful cover!”

They all laughed and then, in almost perfect unison, Melissa, Mary and Randy said “Five stars!” and clinked their teacups together.
As the cousins proceeded to dig further into the scones and banana bread that Maggie had baked, Randy sat back and gazed at them.  In a way he felt like he might be in his own little Hestia, but he would keep that to himself.


Well, dear friends, if you’ve read this far, I hope my little review has convinced that you must have a copy of Town Father for yourself.  Remember, it’s on sale this weekend only at Amazon.


Heads up, readers/writers!

What could be better for Valentine’s Day weekend than a novel by Kevin Brennan for only 99 cents! That’s his latest novel, Town Father! The sale starts Friday and lasts through the weekend.



Y’all are the first to hear that, starting Friday, Town Father will be on sale for a mere 99 pennies. The sale runs all weekend and will be listed on EReader News Today on Saturday, so if you’re thinking of buying please snag your copy to help propel TF up the Amazon charts. Think of it as lighting a little bottle rocket.

Don’t worry. I’ll remind you on Friday … and Saturday … and Sunday.

Also, if you missed the announcement yesterday, do check out my new editing service, dubbed Indie-Scribable. The first three intrepid writers to hire me will get a special rate (even lower than those quoted on the website), but all of my clients will receive an ebook of Town Father, Occasional Soulmates, or Yesterday Road at the end of the project.

I’ve set up a new Twitter account for the business — @_IndieScribable

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Let’s make a deal — Yesterday Road is on sale!

Take advantage of this sale if you haven’t already purchased Yesterday Road! It’s a wonderful novel about memory (or the lack of it), the desire to forget, and the urge to connect. The main characters–Jack, Joe, and Ida–will live with you long after you’ve finished the book, and you’ll be glad for that. So go on and pick up a copy!


Blue gorilla

I thought I’d tip off readers of the blog to a promotion that I’m running through April 7. Officially it starts on 4/1, with a listing on Ereader News Today and a few other daily lists, but I wanted all y’all to have a crack at it sooner than later — if you haven’t already bought the book, that is.

Grab it at Amazon here.

The other retail outlets are listed here, but I’m not sure when the price cut will appear at each of them. Amazon is already live.

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