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The Joy of Aging … Not #MondayBlogs #bodyimage

I have an essay published in Crow’s Feet on Medium, where I write about my battle with my aging skin. No lotion, no potion can turn back time, it seems. You can read it here: https://medium.com/crows-feet/why-i-want-to-lose-my-battle-against-my-aging-skin-867f3a2ac070?source=friends_link&sk=65d56350a699d02cea9970c90e8db885 Soon after this post goes live, I’ll update my avatar … again.

Scars: A Portrait of Life

Here is a powerful essay by an extraordinary woman. For any woman who lives with a scarred body, this essay is a must-read. I’ve been revisiting my issues around my own scars, what they mean to me, what they say about me, how can I see them as beautiful since I have no choice but […]
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Yes, I Have Regrets: Part 1

I often claim that I have no regrets, that life happens and it all works out in the end.  Like, if I hadn’t had that accident that nearly amputated my leg, I wouldn’t have received training for a new job and I wouldn’t have gotten a new job at the firm where I eventually met […]
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