2 thoughts on “Stop Author Abuse!

  1. I’ve not tried Goodreads yet. I suppose all sites have their trolls. Seems a bizare way to act but there you go. Take it you would recommend the site in general?

    • I’ve posted reviews on Goodreads but haven’t spent much time on there. I’ve heard about authors, especially new authors, feeling bullied by some reviewers on GR. This post that I reblogged has been one of the most informative, especially in the comments it generated. I know there are trolls no matter where you go in social media, and the fact that many of these people hide behind anonymity just shows what cowards they really are. I wouldn’t discourage anyone from using GR to promote their books. One just needs to be aware of the potential for bad behavior. Much of the bullying I’ve read about reminds me sooooo much of junior high school. Some people just don’t grow up.

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