Positive by choice

Belinda’s thoughts about being positive brought tears to my eyes. When I think of all she is going through and yet she has the will and capacity to remain positive. I am humbled by her example. For those of you who do not know about her struggle, here’s a link to a newspaper article about her: http://www.bramptonguardian.com/news-story/3901362-tick-bite-changes-cannington-woman-s-life-and-not-for-the-better/. Belinda has Lyme Disease and is fighting for appropriate treatment so she can regain her health. Please pray for her treatment and recovery and be sure to follow her blog. She is the most generous and kindest blogger I have the honor to know.

4 thoughts on “Positive by choice

  1. Prayers her way. Lyme disease is such a hard one to fight! You’re great for highlighting her here Marie. It’s a great article and great reminder for all of us!

    • Thanks, Katie. I’m so glad I found her article. She’s such a positive person, I didn’t realize how much she was suffering until I read it 🙁

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