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One of the few things I like about my work place is my immediate access to nature. Why, just the other day a moth tried to hitch a ride on my leg. When I tried to transfer it to a tree, it went trekking up my arm like nobody’s business. I did manage to change its direction (God help the poor thing if it had gotten into my hair) and set it on the closest tree. It then traveled straight up, its orange wings fluttering to keep balance.

The next day I found one of these moths inside my building. Assuming it wasn’t there applying for a security guard position, I decided to usher it outside.

A moth in the hand tickles.

I set it on a tree and then went back in to work.

Later that day I found a number of these moths in a seemingly comatose state on the three oaks that line the sidewalk outside my building.

I was enchanted.

I’ve learned that these are Orange-tipped Oakworm Moths. Such lovely creatures. I also learned they can be pests. They can and have defoliated oak trees. Yet, these trees seem as yet unharmed.

Shumard Oaks

These oaks give us very necessary shade during the hot days of summer (and fall) in Florida. I’m hoping the Orange-tipped Oakworm Moth doesn’t find their leaves too tasty.

. . .

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How are you about picking up insects? Or am I the only weird one in the room?

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  1. I love that you take moths outside when you find them inside. I do that with all bugs, even spiders. My father used to say that if he died, he’d come back as a moth. He died less than a year later, when I was six, so I’ve always felt quite friendly towards moths, as if they were messages from my father. I knew they weren’t, though maybe, in some odd realm, they were. Anyway, enough of moths. Thanks so, so much for plugging my book and blog. Hope you have a great week (it’s rainy and dreary up here in Anchorage and the temps are falling fast, so I’m sure it’s nicer down where you are). Hugs,

    • Ah, your father died when you were so young. Thinking of him when you see moths is lovely. My stepdad and one of his sons had a preference for bluebirds. Tim (the son) died of cancer at 33. A day before he died he saw a bluebird outside his window. He told his dad that God had kept him alive just so he could see the bluebird. So now whenever I see a bluebird, I immediately think of Tim and his dad. It makes me smile, like I’m being given a gift.
      I’m more than happy to promote your writing, Cinthia. You put your heart and soul in your writing, and your stories need to be told and to be read. ❤️

  2. That’s a pretty moth! I love most insects, worms, moths, ants, creepy-crawlies. I can pick them up. They don’t bother me at all. I don’t mind spiders, even in the house. I can coexist with almost anything. BUT, I don’t want anything flying into or crawling in my hair! 🤣

    • I definitely would not cope well with any bug getting into my hair 😬 I do have a spider phobia. It’s not as bad as it was when we first moved here, but I still have my limits. I could never pick one up and I don’t like them in the house although I know they’re helpful with getting rid of other bugs. Some of them like the Golden Silk are beautiful though. Fortunately those big guys stay outside 😉

  3. I don’t see many moths around here. For whatever reason they don’t groove on what’s growing in my corner of the world. To me they seem exotic.

    • Interesting! And you’re in the Midwest, right? I’m surprised to see them during the day as much as I am. I grew up thinking of them only as nighttime critters who ate my wool sweaters 😉

  4. What a shame that such pretty moths can be the death of oak trees! At what point will they know if they are a problem, I wonder. I am interested in unusual bugs, too. Our Walgreens had a little speckled (white and black) grasshopper thing going on both inside and outside a couple of months ago, and it was so funny how the employees didn’t even blink. They just let them jump around the store.

    • Grasshoppers are fun! Yeah, I was disappointed to read that the moths could be a pest. I haven’t seen any serious damage to the trees here, but I’m paying more attention to them now 😉

      • Yes, that’s good. I hate to see the big beauties brought low. It reminds me of the tragedy of our Kalamazoo elms when I was a little girl. They were killed by Dutch elm disease.

  5. We have those Oakworms downs here, they can be destructive to trees. I’m not the best when it comes to most bugs, especially the creepy crawly kind. 🙂 Those oaks are gorgeous, Marie!

    • Thanks, Jill. I had no idea the moths could harm trees. The oaks don’t seem to be suffering from them … at least not so far. I’ve only started to see these moths around in the last couple of years although they seem to have a wide range. I’ve had to face a lot of my insect phobias (spiders) since moving to Florida. I still have my limits though 😉

  6. I don’t pick them up but do enjoy looking at them. It was so nice of you to give those moths a boost. I’m sure the moths will write you up in the Moth Journal for your actions. The oak tree will do a simular write up in the Oak Journal with a wanted poster and your picture.

    • Hi, John, for some reason both of your comments wound up in my Spam folder. Boggles my mind since we’ve been commenting on each other’s blogs for years! I’ll need to be more diligent about checking my Spam folder 😉 Helping the moths definitely is a “darned if I do, darned if I don’t” situation. Mind you, I wasn’t aware that they could be pests, but, eh, I wouldn’t have done anything differently. Nature is nature 😉

    • We escort insects out of our house if possible. I have a spider phobia so it’s hard for me to allow them to live in the house. Either I or Greg will help it outside. Cockroaches are something else. That’s one insect I don’t mind killing.

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