I’m Busy

I’ve been a little busy lately.  First, responsibilities and obligations at my day job have increased since my bureau chief retired, and another coworker has been working less than half-time due to medical problems, and we still have a vacant position.  As my supervisor noted, she and I are “doing the work of five people.”  It’s temporary; we hope to fill the vacant position soon, but for now … I’m busy.

This is a cleaned-up version of my work space, the long month of January finally over.

This is a cleaned-up version of my work space, the long month of January finally over.

But it hasn’t been all work and no play.  It’s just that the playing of late hasn’t included writing (at least, not much).  What do I do when I’m not working, writing, or practicing yoga?  Yup, I’m knitting.  And since there are babies waiting to be born, I’m knitting small.

Baby sweater for coworker.

Baby sweater for coworker.

You may say that this sweater is cute, even lovely.  It was definitely fun to knit.  I love knitting cables.

Detail of sweater showing cable and raglan sleeve,

Detail of sweater showing cable and raglan sleeve,

But my coworker might hate me because the yarn is a blend of mink and wool and, thus, must be handwashed 🙂  But it is small and it’s an outer sweater and it’s a camel color so if the baby spits up now and then, the spit might just blend in 🙂  But what do I know?  I’ve never had kids and aside from having to babysit my nephews many, many years ago, I’ve managed to avoid baby spit, baby puke, and dirty diapers.

And so I’m busy, but I write in my head as much as I can.  Sometimes I get inspired and push out a bit of a story, surprising myself, but also reminding myself that the words are there.  It’s just that I’m busy right now.

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33 thoughts on “I’m Busy

    • Indeed and still plenty of it: Luisa has kidney issues so she pees copiously and EVERYONE has to go poo in the litter boxes. Even the two cats that get to go outdoors will save it up until they can come inside 😉

  1. Hahaha! I am glad to see that someone else’s PC has more desktop icons than mine 🙂
    Though I wish things to ease up one you.

    I can see just the cutest little babe swaddled in that sweater. You are so kind and talented.

    • Heh, heh … I like babies but not the puke or the poop 😉 Of course, I have plenty of cat puke and poop to “compensate” for not having kids.

  2. It’s tough when life gets in the way of our writing, but hopefully in time, things will slow down at your day job. You’re very talented, that sweater is beautiful, Marie!

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