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4 Quick Ways To Write A #BookReview And Overcome Your Fears #MondayBlogs

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? Authors WANT  Reviews Simple! How many times have you read pleas on social media for readers to write reviews? – Probably Loads. Does the thought of writing a book review send you racing to the…

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Gatecrash: Liberating creativity in the age of boilerplate fiction

Originally posted on WHAT THE HELL:
? Last March I developed a long essay on the state of fiction these days, as I see it — particularly the fiction we associate with the indie market. It’s probably thought of mainly…

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Well Read? Or Not Well Read? #MondayBlogs

My husband and I have a lot of books.  Mine are mostly fiction; his are nonfiction (environment, politics, history).  I often think of my husband as better read than myself although he rarely reads fiction.  On the other hand, my … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Book Review: Living Life Backwards by Peter Wells

Randy shifted his weight in the uncomfortable straight-back wooden chair.  He was afraid to grasp the handle of the delicate teacup though he was thirsty for the hot tea.  Mary and her cousins were quiet, scrolling through their respective Kindles … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Book Review: Miss Mabel’s School for Girls by Katie Cross

The tea kettle began to whistle, it’s high-pitched steamy hiss making Lucy wince.  She was in charge tonight.  She was the one to hold forth, to represent all young women everywhere, as the Widows’ Book Club met again.  She wondered … Continue reading

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Rosie’s Book Review Team

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Good Luck readers with the Book Reviewing Challenge Hopefully you will have received your book/ books or will be getting them today. Let me know if you didn’t get a book, please do check spam,…

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Book Review Challenge Series – The Importance of Book Reviews by Lizzie Lamb

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Last Day Our last guest post on the Book review Challenge before we hand over to you the reader is author Lizzie Lamb. Plus authors might like to step around the fence to the book…

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